Co-creating for Change Lab

A 3-day experience designed to jump-start your organizational transformation

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"Change is hard...but you made it easy!" - Change Lab participant

The Change Lab is a two-day experience designed to shatter your assumptions about how transformation happens, strengthen your collaborative leadership mindset, and shake the way you work.

This is not a traditional development program: it’s a Lab where you will reassemble your perspective and reconnect the “dots.” Your dots and our dots: the ones you have gathered through your experiences and the ones we have gathered through our research.

The Change Lab is not for the faint of heart. It’s an art. It’s science. In the Change Lab, you will be stretched: you will explore, learn, debate, test, experiment, fail, and co-design in a collaborative, hands-on environment.

The Change Lab will change the way you think about and approach change in your work and organization, and it will equip you to better embed innovation into your team’s DNA.


Maybe you are a marketing executive who worries that your team doesn’t see innovation as their mandate. Maybe you are a product developer whose team had a major breakthrough and now can’t seem to win again. An HR director of a nonprofit struggling to understand why the smartest people you are hiring can’t deliver enough change. An entrepreneur wondering how to move from “new idea” to “new reality.” A CFO trying to transform an aging growth company into a global powerhouse. A CEO wondering about the challenge of creating a culture of innovation. An expert who is looking to reinvent your field and your practice.

Wherever you work in your organization, whomever you lead: you are someone who wants to have an impact. You know who you are. We want to meet you (a description of what we can do with you against "business as usual" is in this document )

Let's talk: 202-262-3371 or email me